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''Our dentures are handmade in our on site lab, using high end materials and innovative techniques to deliver

high quality & naturally aesthetic smiles''

Denture Clinic

Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

Full or complete dentures are recommended when no healthy natural teeth are left in the mouth to anchor a partial denture. They are made up of an acrylic flesh-coloured base topped by prosthetic teeth to achieve a natural look.


A partial denture is kept stable in the mouth by clasps attached to your natural teeth. The plate is fully removable so you can take it out for cleaning after meals and at night by simply sliding the clasps over the teeth. Materials used are acrylic, valplast (flexible), chrome cobalt (metal) or a combination of these materials.

Implant Retained


Implants are an artificial replacement for the root of a natural tooth, usually made from titanium. Once they are in place they can provide a permanent and stable anchor to which a denture can be attached. 

Custom Sport Guards

If you love to play contact sports, then you need a custom mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth. A custom-made mouth guard can shield your teeth from trauma and reduce the impact on your mouth in general.

Talk to our friendly team about custom sports mouth guards and our experienced prosthetist Karl will provide a solution for you.

Relines & Remodels

Over time, the shape of our mouth and your gum tissues will change. The general contours of the gums and bones underneath will resorb, which will cause your dentures to need relining. When dentures no longer fit as they used to, relining may be required.

Some significant indicators that your denture might need relining are: food getting caught underneath your denture, movement or

ill-fitting denture and having to use large quantities of denture adhesive.

Relining is done in one day and will be completed within a morning and afternoon appointment.

Repairs & Additions

Sometimes accidents occur, and if your denture is fractured or broken it may need immediate care. When this occurs, you can bring your denture straight to our team and we’ll get started on a repair as soon as possible, to help minimise the time you have to spend without it, and to ensure that no further issues are caused. Your mouth is a dynamic environment. Like your body, change is constant due to various factors including the ageing process, normal wear and tear and sometimes because of unforeseen accidents or illness.


Denture hygiene is as critical to good oral health as the care you give to your natural teeth and gums. A clean denture works better, feels better, smells better, looks better and ultimately is much healthier for you. 

Our Team

Karl Eisermann

Karl Eisermann

Prosthetist and Director

Karl's dental career started in 2008 after graduating in Dental Technology where he worked as a technician in high end laboratories until he graduated as a Dental Prosthetist in 2016.


He has over 15 years’ experience and completed an Implant Retained Denture Course in July 2017 and continues to focus on his professional development. 

It was no surprise that after working with Gavan Sanders for several years, Karl was asked to take over the Gavan Sanders Denture Clinic when Gavan retired at the end of 2020.

Karl uses high end materials and focusses on attention to detail to achieve personalised dental work for every individual with a naturally aesthetic outcome. 




Lyn has lived in the Tweed region for most of her life and worked for the Gavan Sanders Denture Clinic as receptionist over the past 15 years, she continues to work for the Tweed Coast Denture Studio to support & assist our patients. Lyn has been in the Dental industry for over 30 years working as Dental Assistant & Receptionist in various clinics. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, cooking & spending time with the family.


Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Samuel Jordan

Had dentures made and they look very natural. Fits well and was reasonably priced. The service during the making and fitting was excellent with every step well explained.
I had to have 1 adjustment and Karl went out of his way to accommodate me.