Dental Prosthetist

Find Your Smile with a Good Dental Prosthetist

It is the introduction we make, it is often a big part of our first impressions, and it is something everyone can see, and it is our smiles. Having that amazing smile, however, isn't always something that happens without some help. Many people need braces, dentures, and over time denture remodels, relines, and other services offered by a good dental prosthetist.

The secret to keeping that beautiful smile beautiful is no secret at all. It means taking care of those partial or permanent dentures with regular cleaning and care and finding the help of a dental prosthetist. That is where we come in, we are Tweed Coast Denture Studio (formerly Gavan Sanders Denture Clinic), and where your teeth take center stage.

Our team at Tweed Coast Denture Studio has one goal, to provide you with the best smile using the highest quality, most professional, and custom-made by hand right here in our lab. Don't worry if you aren't sure what the best solution is for your smile, or what type of dentures you might need because we are here to help. From denture remodels and relines to repairs, let us help you find your smile again.

Contact Tweed Coast Denture Studio for a dental prosthetist that has the experience, care, and expertise your smile and your teeth deserve. Our team is here to help you with any questions, so schedule your consultation and appointment now, for you and your amazing smile.